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The Method of Levels

How to do Psychotherapy
Without Getting in the Way

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 "I've just finished the Method of Levels, and I'm astonished, delighted, and inspired. I was a psychotherapist for many years, using a variety of approaches (predominantly Gestalt Therapy, several versions of family therapy, and more recently Psychology of Mind), and while my clients were often happy with the results, I frequently wasn't. My fundamental dissatisfaction arose from the fact that I never knew WHY we were successful when we were, and what had gone wrong or failed to go right when we weren't. Now I think maybe at last I know." — Kalen Hammann, Ph.D.

 © 2006 Timothy A. Carey. 200 pages, 8.25x11 inches, illustrated, ISBN 978-0-9740155-4-5 (softcover) 978-1-938090-02-8 (hardcover). Living Control Systems Publishing, Hayward, CA.

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