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About Perceptual Control Theory

Introductions and comments by Bill Powers

William T. (Bill) Powers originated PCT fifty years ago and has spent a lifetime refining and teaching these ideas so people can benefit from a correct understanding of how behavior works.

Introductions and comments by Mary Powers

Mary A. Powers was the First Lady of PCT.   
She participated from the beginning and was a tireless supporter and advocate of PCT.

Introductions and comments by Others

Numerous others have adopted PCT. Here are a few contributions.

PCT Tutorials and Simulations

Tutorials, demos and simulations by Bill Powers you can run on your Windows computer. The programs available here were reviewed for functionality in 2004. Documentation was formatted for easy reading and made as complete as possible. In the spring of 2004, Bill Powers created Windows versions of the original DOS programs and added new Windows programs. TrackAnalyze was updated with version 5 in January, 2006.

NOTE: Bill Powers’s work Living Control Systems III : The Fact of Control (2008) with updated Windows programs is highly recommended. These programs and the book explaining them provide an excellent introduction to PCT.

DOS demos compiled by Dag Forssell in 1994-5 and distributed on diskettes at that time are still available for download at some PCT-related web sites. These are no longer recommended. They have been superseded by the updated selection offered here.

For on-line demonstrations you can run using your browser, see Rick Marken's demos.

Applications: Learning from PCT

Review of applications of PCT in many fields


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