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Resources on the Web
The Control Systems Group (CSG) and
International Association for Perceptual Control Theory

The official website for PCT features up-to-date links and more
A tribute to Bill Powers on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of his discovery of Perceptual Control Theory and the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of his major work, Behavior: The Control of Perception. Created by Lloyd Klinedinst. Mirrored at this site.
University of Manchester PCT web site
A website that aggregates links to other PCT sites

Benchmark Publications' website
Publisher of Bill Powers' writings. Reading Room

Richard Kennaway's website
Of particular interest to engineers and roboticists
Mind Readings
Richard Marken's website features many interesting demonstrations
Fred Nickols' website
Fred has written several articles introducing PCT as well as highly readable stories.

Books by Gary Cziko
Without Miracles: Universal Selection Theory and the Second Darwinian Revolution
Ch 8 Adaptive behavior as the control of perception

The Things We Do: Using the Insights of Bernard and Darwin to Understand the What, How and Why of Behavior
Ch 6 Organisms as perceptual control systems

Perceptual Control Theory and the Evolution of Culture
Ted Cloak has created a most interesting intro to PCT and uses it to suggest ways to solve problems regarding cultural anthropology.

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